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Our Story

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At Reel Pure we're just regular guys with an irregular love for fly fishing. Our dream spawned from the experiences we had during our fly fishing rookie years. It was then that we realized there were two types of fly fishermen. Those who like to share the experience with friends (cool) and the soloists who keep their experiences a secret (not so cool). Even some of our favorite fly fishing companies marketed their products or services like fly fishing was some kind of secret fraternity that only old white guys could belong to. While the fraternal thing is nice, the price for admission seemed a bit high.

So we decided to shake things up a bit.

While we totally appreciate the solitude and introspective qualities that fly fishing delivers, we also believe that fly fishing should be inclusive. Our goal is to bring a new energy to the sport of fly fishing, while giving back to fly fishing ecosystems.

Today we deliver bug-throwing apparel with a new school attitude. But that’s just the beginning. With multimedia entertainment, gear and services in our sights, you can bet that Reel Pure will be a multi-dimensional leader in the industry. And you can always count on one thing…the products and services that come from Reel Pure will always represent a state of mind. For those serious about fly fishing - but tired of the serious fly fishing attitude.

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